PermaplanT is an app to help plan, develop and document permaculture gardens either by oneself or in groups. To do so, the garden is represented by a map. Layer by layer, supplied by the app, the user feeds the map with relevant environmental information. From the internal database of over 10.000 plants the users design the planting as they wish. The app informs about known relations between the plants and about environmental restrictions. Visual indications help users to make decisions. The date or time frame can be chosen in a timeline. Nextcloud is used to connect users, groups and gardens.

The most important chapters to read are:

  1. Goals and Use Cases (Chapter)
  2. Constraints
  3. Context
  4. Solution Strategy
  5. Building Block View
  6. Runtime View
  7. Deployment
  8. Crosscutting Concepts Guidelines (Chapter)
  9. Architectural Decisions (Chapter
  10. Quality
  11. Risks and technical debt
  12. Glossary

These markdown files document the architecture of PermaplanT according to arc42.